About Us

Welcome to Adore Lifestyle.

Are you thinking of becoming a Stockist and would like to know more about us?

My name is Melissa Smith and I started Adore Lifestyle, because I started eating healthy and I was looking at the labels to make sure I wasn't eating chemicals but I didn't realise how many chemicals were in my skin care products until I noticed more and more people turning to natural skin care.  I started the skin care purely for myself really, as I loved Serums, but wanted to find a Natural Serum that was affordable and great quality.

I also believe there is no need to harm animals or use them in our products for the sake of our beauty, that is why our skin care is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural and Made in Australia, so you know you are getting great quality.

I would love if you invested in our products as I truely believe they are amazing, great quality and I would love to see more people try natural skincare and realise how great their skin feels after using them.

I hope you have an amazing day!

Melissa Smith - Owner